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Watched The To do list and Enemy

I had seen the trailer for the to do list a long time ago wanted to see it so i’m happy to get it out of the way I thought it was decent a simple story of growing up in that near emotionless way, not much to say about it other then it was decent had me chuckling a few times and that’s about it

Enemy was bizarre, short, and deep. I don’t know how to put it into words, the spider imagery the back to back with the two jacks I need to rewatch this. I want to say they told us the back story in a unique way shit it was like moving backwards by running forward or something like that

I recommend this movie

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I watched Transcendence

I did like how it wasn’t completely cliche Johnny didn’t go evil machine like the trailers had me believing, I liked the special effects the nanomachines was really nice looking the scene where it gives the blind man sight was probably my favorite

I really did not like that antagonist girl what a bitch. I was actually mad by her justification for murder and confused as why anybody would follow her, and ever scene she was in she either looked around saying nothing or saying idiotic bullshit like how a screaming test monkey is enough justification to murder. I hated the “He’s not Will, Will would never do this” If you were in a position of power and ability as he was it’s not impossible to change it’s practically guaranteed, I also hated the whole Love defense they desperately toss in. Can love bloom between man and machine?

The rest of the movie was alright, mediocre, Meh. it wasn’t really high sci-fi so super nerds probably won’t like it, they say a couple of buzzwords and then drop it for most of the movie by replacing it with He’s doing X is he doing Y yes yes he is. The action is far inbetween so people looking for mad computer won’t get satisfaction.

I didn’t enjoy it.

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I could land a plane on that draken ass 

god bless this update

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Watched the raid 2 i was like yoooo and then i was like Yooooo and that last fight i was like YOOOOOOOOO

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Got about $200 worth of dirt for free and used it all filling in holes in the yard and put some of it on the garden

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Dum obviously won't be useful and he has done nothing but cause trouble to Bigby's investigation. He has also attacked and shot at Bigby, Bigby has killed people for less.
Anonymous asked

I know goddamn it I know! there is literally nothing smart about letting that bastard live  he’s been nothing but an asshole from day 1 I just didn’t pull the trigger. Gonna either redo the chapter or kill him on second play through 

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I didn’t kill dee because i figure he might be useful later and i’m not a crazy psycho wolf

But i swear to god the moment i get to I am killing bloody mary 

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play this at my funeral

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I am enjoying Wildstar. Settler path is pretty lame tho really tedious with not so great rewards but a convenient vender bot is the only bright side