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I could land a plane on that draken ass 

god bless this update

Posted 5 days ago

Watched the raid 2 i was like yoooo and then i was like Yooooo and that last fight i was like YOOOOOOOOO

Posted 6 days ago

Got about $200 worth of dirt for free and used it all filling in holes in the yard and put some of it on the garden

Posted 1 week ago
Dum obviously won't be useful and he has done nothing but cause trouble to Bigby's investigation. He has also attacked and shot at Bigby, Bigby has killed people for less.
Anonymous asked

I know goddamn it I know! there is literally nothing smart about letting that bastard live  he’s been nothing but an asshole from day 1 I just didn’t pull the trigger. Gonna either redo the chapter or kill him on second play through 

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I didn’t kill dee because i figure he might be useful later and i’m not a crazy psycho wolf

But i swear to god the moment i get to I am killing bloody mary 

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play this at my funeral

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I am enjoying Wildstar. Settler path is pretty lame tho really tedious with not so great rewards but a convenient vender bot is the only bright side

Posted 2 weeks ago

went to this gold club place today, it was for the opening of an Imax.

Lots of food i even ate a Doritos mt.dew cupcake taste like shit but all the other foods were pretty great

didn’t see bill murray 

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Captain America

I liked it

I liked all the Hand to hand combat they really utilized caps shield and WS arm goddamn that arm was cool, Falcon doing all them flips and air shit was alright, BW twisting and moving like a luchador was pretty great 

They really went far to show how strong Cap is i mean he’s just knocking people miles away with a kick that whole chase scene on foot where he’s just a small Hulk Jesus Christ 

The comedy was ok I laughed at the apple and that whisper scene and snicked at some of the other the running gag of finding cap a date was lame tho

I feel like the first one was better but this one built upon it while giving a great amount of background and closure for cap and shield and enough of a set up for multiple movies what a juggling act.

But I don’t understand why they didn’t try to get his phone he was eyeballing it for the longest time why would they not talk his phone 

and one last thing I really liked Hipster  Cap