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ready to smash

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Peach’s panties were deemed to risque for a young audience in the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. Instead, children playing the game will be welcomed to T H E V O I D

this is important 

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Got back from the keys 

I am slightly burned but very happy

~I want to go back back to key west~

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Vince McMahon takes the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS.

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Finished watching Guardians of the Galaxy

It was pretty good. the strongest point of this movie is its soundtrack and visuals when you get to Knowhere and that one song i completely forgot starts playing it put me in a really comfortable mood, it is definitely made for 3d it is way to obvious to a point where it be came a distraction

the story is plan nothing amazing or new just a typical origin movie I can only hope the second one is better but i really hope they keep the scifi look really great stuff, some scenes are almost jarring from comedy to drama they throw everyone backstory really fast

the biggest thing i was worried about when going in was the comedy I am not the biggest fan of Marvels humor, the movie had some funny parts the taking of prosthetic limbs and Drax not knowing metaphors, but dialog like Turdblossom or the dance off really took the edge off the movie in the wrong way

Drax was my favorite guardian too bad he got beaten so much, Star Lord was pretty good cocky and shit like that but again some of his dialog could’ve been better. Rocket and Groot were better good I was on the fence about cooper being a raccoon(Which I am just getting the joke if the casting guys are fan of a certain raccoon game) but he pulled it off together then had a decent comedy element. Gamora really didn’t strike me that much her sister was hotter

Over all I’m dipping between 8 and a hard 7/10 I would recommend it but don’t get blinded by the hype

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Recently watched Hercules, The Zero Theorem, and The Entity

Hercules had an interesting spin to it herc isn’t a demi god fights with other skilled warriors most if not all the mythical creatures aren’t mythical and it’s more of a bullshit exaggeration. it’s a decent enough low budget movie not much to it then that the rock is as charismatic as ever and i did enjoy the seer character. I would recommend

 The Zero Theorem, I can’t say I enjoyed this movie I couldn’t really connect with Q or his problems while it has interesting sets and maybe some deeper meaning I’m going to stop embarrassing myself and stop typing about it

The Entity a woman is haunted by a sexually aggressive ghost and did a great job for a good chunk of the movie the after effects of being raped and knowing if you even talk about it people will think you’re crazy but the last act just ruins it she just happens to run into a bunch of ghost hunters and they ghost attacks going down to chills.

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Someone said Squigly’s leg was a bit thick so I fixed that.

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the moment justin wong won the UMVC3 finals of EVO


the moment justin wong won the UMVC3 finals of EVO

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I watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Pretty good movie from start to finish, a real step up from the first one the sets the action the cgi, it was really good looking i can’t get over it

there’s not much i can say about it a straight forward movie both sides don’t want to start shit but assholes gotta fuck it up for everyone. There’s nothing i can really complain about it.

I recommend it if you’re a fan that didn’t like the first one with James Franco you will be surprised I know i was

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Scout congas enemy intelligence through the whole map, protected by his teammates.

Now that’s teamwork!